ProductHBM software
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Application FieldUpper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Other
UsageClinical Usage
IndicationsGenerate and modulate muscle force, Develop muscular endurance, Coordinate muscle activity, Develop cardiovascular and aerobic capacity, Modulate and control speed, Respond to external disturbances, Reach a wide range of target spaces, Achieve appropriate forms of dexterity, Process and integrate sensory information, Psychological and cognitive function
Device typeRobotic, Sensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback, Electromyography
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Summary3D real time visualization of muscle forces, kinetics and kinematics.
Long DescriptionMuscle forces become visible in real-time. Forces are invisible by nature, we can normally only see the results of applied forces on the surrounding world. HBM makes it possible to view the generated muscle forces in the human body in real-time, in a way the force transference in the human musculoskeletal system is clearly shown. The real time process shows muscle force and joint torques as real time 3D visualizations of color and form changes in a 3D accurate human body muscle model.
Medical Device Class
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