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Application FieldUpper Extremity
UsageClinical Usage
IndicationsGenerate and modulate muscle force, Develop muscular endurance, Coordinate muscle activity, Respond to external disturbances, Reach a wide range of target spaces, Achieve appropriate forms of dexterity, Process and integrate sensory information, Psychological and cognitive function, Modulate and control speed
Device typeRobotic, Sensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback
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SummaryDiego helps patients and therapists with the often difficult training for regaining lost arm function in the neurological and orthopedic field.
Long DescriptionThe direct movement of the arm is represented in virtual reality therapies. It feels sensational when you can regain lost functions with the help of Diego. The playful training based on one-, two- and three dimensional therapy modules enables a motivating rehabilitation for patients with motor, sensory and also cognitive deficits. Diego enables patients to regain the ability to perform natural, habitual motions by means of passive and active therapies. Arm straps serve to fix the patient uni- or bilaterally to the unit quite easily. As a result, motions can be performed in the three-dimensional scope of movement. Therapy with Diego ensures a varied, motivating and targetaimed rehabilitation process.
Medical Device ClassUSA: I
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