ProductCAREN High-End
Telephone+31 20 3013020
Application FieldUpper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Other
UsageClinical Usage
IndicationsGenerate and modulate muscle force, Develop muscular endurance, Coordinate muscle activity, Develop cardiovascular and aerobic capacity, Modulate and control speed, Respond to external disturbances, Reach a wide range of target spaces, Achieve appropriate forms of dexterity, Process and integrate sensory information, Psychological and cognitive function
Device typeRobotic, Sensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback, Electromyography
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SummaryCAREN High-End is the most advanced system for registration, evaluation and training of functional human behavior inside a fully immersive multisensory setting.
Long DescriptionThe CAREN High-End system uses a 6 DOF motion platform with 1000 kg payload. On the platform top is a dual belt instrumented treadmill using self-paced algorithms. An advanced motion capture system inside a spherical dome projection systems with surround sound. The system is controlled by the D-flow software enabling operator control of all session parameters during run-time.
Medical Device Class
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