ProductD-flow software
Telephone+31 20 3013020
Application FieldUpper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Other
UsageClinical Usage
IndicationsRespond to external disturbances, Reach a wide range of target spaces, Process and integrate sensory information
Device typeRobotic, Sensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback, Functional Electrical Stimulation, Electromyography
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SummaryReal-time Feedback loop control software with the capacity to input, synchronize and output signals from a variety of systems and devices.
Long DescriptionD-Flow is a software system designed for the development of interactive and immersive virtual reality applications, for the purpose of clinical research and rehabilitation. Key concept of the D-Flow software system is that the subject is regarded as an integral part of a real-time feedback loop, in which multi-sensory input devices measure the behavior of the subject, while output devices return motor-sensory, visual and auditory feedback to the subject. The D-Flow software system allows an operator to define feedback strategies through a flexible and extensible application development framework, based on visual programming.
Medical Device Class
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