ProductKINARM End-Point Lab, Adjustable Height Config
CompanyBKIN Technologies Ltd
Application FieldUpper Extremity, Lower Extremity
UsageClinical Usage
IndicationsRespond to external disturbances, Reach a wide range of target spaces, Achieve appropriate forms of dexterity, Process and integrate sensory information, Psychological and cognitive function
Device typeRobotic, Sensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback
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SummaryA fully-integrated bi-manual, 2D robotic lab with VR and standardized assessment protocols for use in either standing or sitting mode. In standing mode, the lab enables the study of postural responses
Long DescriptionThe KINARM End-Point Robot is a stiff, graspable robot that can create highly complex mechanical environments for the study of brain function and dysfunction. For clinical researchers, the KINARM End-Point addresses the limitation of the present coarse and subjective scores of sensorimotor assessments with quantitative and objective measures with excellent inter-rater reliability. KINARM Standard Tests, BKIN’s suite of standardized protocols enables rapid assessment of sensory, motor and cognitive deficits in a short 30 minute window. Parameters are calculated and comparisons to age-matched controls enabled. The KINARM End-Point Lab, Adjustable Height Configuration is currently being used by researchers studying mTBI and sport concussion where the postural systems interactions with the upper-limb voluntary motor systems can be effectively assessed. The system comes complete with 2-force plates and subject fall arrest harness. An integrated KINARM Gaze-Tracker is optionally available to provide complete “whole-body assessment”™.
Medical Device Class
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