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IndicationsDevelop muscular endurance, Coordinate muscle activity, Modulate and control speed, Achieve appropriate forms of dexterity, Process and integrate sensory information
Device typeSensory Device/Virtual Reality/Augmented Feedback
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SummaryValedo is the first personal digital back coach for guided exercising of the lower back and is a purpose-driven medical wearable which transforms therapeutic exercises into fun, interactive games.
Long DescriptionValedo supports long-term back health and back pain reduction. Learn how to perform specially-designed therapeutic exercises for improved movement awareness, fine muscle control and spinal stability that are entertaining and motivating. By placing one sensor on the chest-bone (Sternum) and the other one on your pelvis (Sacrum) with double-sided medical tape, the system can monitor all angular movements of your upper body and pelvis when you perform motivational exercises. The system provides the necessary clinical information and visual information to learn proper movements and perform exercises correctly. It calculates indications of movement quality, enables communication with a therapist through performance report generation and more..
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